Sir wasn't the only victim.

Our school is in a good neighbourhood.

Why do you think Hubert was crying?

Where's the airport?

It will have been raining a whole week tomorrow.

Someone who is carefree easily changes their tune.

Kory may not even be in Boston now.

I often converse with her.

We'll see each other next week.

I think Rainer is introverted.

Mystery novels are loved by a lot of people.

This is my last one.

Dorian knew a man whose father was a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.

He faked his death and assumed a new identity.

Moore spent three months in jail.

Thirteen percent were undecided.


The wind is blowing from the west.

I haven't found a job.

Working to excess will do you harm.

Siping wondered what Deborah was about to do.

What'll Laurence think?

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Astronomy is the science of heavenly bodies.

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Did Diana mention me?

What does Paul expect?

I don't see anything new.

Were you at school at that time?

It was a very calm day in the stock market.

From nine in the morning to three in the afternoon

He is putting on weight.

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Tomas is dying to see what's inside this box.

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The airplane went into a spin.

That's unbelievably stupid.

Call Galen and tell him that you will be late.

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I had to stop Kaj.

Why wouldn't you go out with him?

The teachers looked at her, surprised.


I hate raccoons.

She goes to a school for the deaf.

I don't care about boats.

Look at the plan: it's next to the library.

I don't know how Kyle talked you into it.

I'm the guy who has the tickets.

When did they leave?

Leora, back ten words, couldn't see very well this one. Sonja, who stood closer, described it to him.

We would've stayed longer if we had had more time.

He is studying hard so that he can pass the examinations.

Your father would have been very proud of you.


No one respected men like him.

Who is that gentleman in spectacles?

He'll be glad to see you.

Santa doesn't live at the North Pole, but in Finland.

I'm ignoring you.

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Most Japanese live on rice.

Raul must've been tortured.

The policeman caught the burglar red-handed.

I don't have as much money as you think I do.

I've already told Carolyn he can borrow my car.

Tell me you understand the difference.

That can't be her.

Clem picked up his mail.

This looks like a good photo opportunity.


I don't want to look foolish.

We should leave immediately.

I'd better go with them.

I'm supposed to make sure Spass knows what to do.

I practiced every day.

Have you already started learning English?

The photo on my passport is very recent.

Someone is here to see you.

Prof. Wilson's work has not always met the approval of her straight-laced colleagues.

I didn't lie to them.

She's a lovable person.

Everyone looked at them.

He aimed at the bird.


Worry often gives a small thing a large shadow.

Catch him!

Israel changed my life.

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I would give anything to win her back.

I'm all out of money.

Yesterday I walked to the park.


Newcomers are warned not to ask Steen whether he really likes stoats that much, since his customary reply to that question is to shout 'OH YES!' at the top of his lungs.

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I want you to tell me what happened.

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Jeannette didn't want to jump into the cold water.


We're going to do it again.

My apartment is located a five minute walk away from the station.

He has lived in Kobe for two days.

Your problems are over.

I don't care much for Alan.


They studied the map to find a short cut.


Marguerite had no difficulty in solving the problem.


Donn and Courtney act like one another.

So you lost all your money? That'll teach you to gamble.

Why do you like sports so much?

Oil paintings show to advantage at a distance.

They are losing blood.


The talk dragged on till three o'clock.

Dad is coming home tomorrow.

They finished a journey of 80 miles.

We have a good relationship.

What was his name?

Don't bother me with such foolish questions.

You go on alone.


I have two brothers and three sisters.

I don't feel vulnerable.

Dinner is ready!


Damning evidence was produced against him.


Public opinion polls are barometers of confidence in the government.


Kory broke a tooth biting into an apple.


The climate here doesn't agree with me.

This valley is very fertile.

James asked Monica to help him clean the garage.

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It was on the morning of February the ninth that I arrived in London.

Nickel is a hard, silver-white metal.

I ate pohe for breakfast.


Get me a glass of milk.

Kathleen isn't wearing a belt today.

Ariel is as white as a sheet.

They say everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes absurdity in law enforcement.

My father fixed the broken chair.


They want you out there right away.

Uranium is used in the production of nuclear power.

He's now a figure of the past.


No matter how things go, let's stay together.

The storm blew down a tree.

Which bus does Allen take to work?

That would be ridiculous.

The phenomenon is typical of our modern era.

She turned around suddenly.

I have a possible explanation for that.


Lance was very encouraging.

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What on earth are you talking about?

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There's no free lunch.

Didn't you know that she passed away about two years ago?

This is a doll which she made herself.

The car didn't move.

Kamiya may have been here.

I have to wake him up.

Almost all societies now have a money economy based on coins and paper bills of one kind or another.

They died trying to rescue others.

When he bit me, it was so painful that I fainted.

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What is the distance from here to the station?

The less men think, the more they talk.

Roderick Jackson, a rich businessman, agreed to fund the project.

He used his hand to screen the sunlight from his eyes.

I'm just socking off the floor.


You are way out of your league.

She shouldn't have written that.

The restaurant is always packed.


Do you think I could ever forget you?

I tried to align the pieces of metal perfectly together before soldering them.

My vision's getting worse.

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Where did you fight them?

I told Martin we should've contacted you before coming.

Wayne and Pratapwant got married.

Where did you massage them?

I hope Ray sees this.


We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.

This evening we will go to church.

Grant would never do such a thing.

Does it snow a lot in the winter?

Your gift will go far towards helping to build the children's hospital.

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How can you be so indifferent to your wife's trouble?